I guess the question really is, are you having a photographer?

There are lots of guests with phones, maybe they can do it?
Or that uncle you have who once did a summer class on food photography – how different can it really be?
Or well, actually, you’ll have your phone, so you will just take some right?

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it! Well, so is not having a professional to plan or run your Wedding.

The big question is, do I NEED one?

I will be completely honest with you, if you are getting married in a hotel where the whole team are there, then no. I won’t try and sell it to you, because it’s likely that it is not needed.

However, if you are in a barn, marquee, tipi, house then the chances are, it would make your life a lot easier.

The lovely Jayne from The Orchard at Munsley has asked me to put together this little blog to help those of you who are considering ‘bringing in the professionals’.

To make this blog nice and simple for all of us, I have listed my top 10 reasons why you need a wedding planner…..here goes….

Number 1 – Starting with a scare tactic. A 2017 survey found that the average couple spends around 970 hours planning their wedding. Nearly 1000 hours! You could write a novel, knit a scarf, or watch all 10 seasons of Game of Thrones 13.7 times!

Number 2 – Because CBA. Not really into Pintrest, Bridebook, Instagram, UK Bride, Rock my Wedding? That’s fine. Luckily for you, your wedding planner will be and can help to filter out the scrolling.

Number 3 – They actually know A LOT of people. Great suppliers, great venues, great places to eat. Use this to your advantage, and ask for help!

Number 4 – Your ushers couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery, so why would you let them guide your guests and keep an eye on the timings?

Number 5 – The little things. You promised Grandma that there would be a blanket on her chair because she thinks getting married in a barn means cows and no heating. Your wedding planner will actually write these things down and do them.

Number 6 – You need someone neutral to tell your fiancé that their idea is stupid.

Number 7 – The toolbox. Every Wedding planner will have the most amazing kit of the things you will probably need on your big day.
Think a treasure chest of plasters, tit tape and safety pins.

Number 8 – They are a professional. Seen the good, the bad and the bloody fantastic.
Would you trust a mechanic to neuter your cat? – you see where I’m going here.

Number 9 – Mothers (both yours and your partners!)

Number 10 – They can actually SAVE you money. Yes, read that again. A good wedding planner should and will give you tips on saving money and also say the golden words ‘NO YOU DON’T NEED THAT!’

The aim here is not to terrify you, but give you a little more guidance on the job of a wedding planner.

And just so happens, I know a great one…

Visit Georgina’s website to find out more https://georginaroseevents.co.uk/